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Inmate Property | Div. III

General Information - Inmate Property Room
1) The Inmate Property Room will be staffed and supervised by the Support Services Unit of Jail Division III.  Only those officers assigned to Inmate Property or Registry Command (five total) will be allowed into the Inmate Property Room.  Master Control WILL NOT override the security lock for anyone other than Registry Command.  
2) A Support Services Sergeant, or his/her Designee, will be on duty for the collection or return of property or inmate funds.
        3) Access to the Inmate Property room will be by electronic card key only.
       4)    All property cabinets will be locked between the hours of 10:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m.  Registry Command as well as the two property officers will maintain the keys for these cabinets.
        5) If a property officer is not available due to time off, the Registry Sergeant on duty will designate a temporary replacement and note same in the daily Lieutenant’s Report.  Temporary card access may be given to the replacement officer with the Registry Lieutenant’s permission.
PROCEDURE 1 - Collection of Property  
       1)  When an inmate arrives his/her property will be taken by the receiving officer, inventoried, noted on the small property receipt. The receipt shall be signed by the officer and the inmate.  The property will be placed inside a yellow pouch the receipt shall be clearly displayed in the pouch window.  The pouch shall be deposited in the property bin (mail box shaped) located in the receiving area of Registry.
2)  All money and/or checks received from an inmate for deposit into the inmate’s account shall be counted, labeled (paper attached with a paper clip) with the name and total funds amount.  The funds will be entered into the computer and the money funds given to the command officer on duty for verification.
3)  On an hourly basis, or in slow booking periods, the Property Officer will gather the property pouches, re-inventory the pouches to insure accuracy and place the pouch contents into a self-sealing evidence bag.  Enter the property into the computer and print out a property receipt.  The property shall than be filed by bin number, in the Inmate Property Room.  A copy of the computer receipt and the initial receipt containing the signatures of both the inmate and receiving officer WILL BE PLACED IN THE INMATE’S CUSTODY FILE.  Property and/or funds shall never be left unattended or unsecured in the Registry Area.
     4)  The Support Services Sergeant assigned will review the computer “queue” screen of pending approval fund transactions and approve as appropriate. 
     5)  Any cash deposited into the inmate’s account and approved by the Support Services Lieutenant or Sergeant will be deposited into the Check Room safe after reconciliation with all other deposits for each shift.  When no Support Services Command is on duty, security command will perform this function.
PROCEDURE 2 - Property Releases
1) Inmates being permanently released from this Facility will show their armband to the Releasing Officer in the Registry Booking Area before receiving property.
2) The Officer will retrieve the property bag from the property room and turn it over to the releasing officer.  The property bag will be opened in the presence of the inmate with the contents being verified at that time.
3) The inmate will then sign the receipt in the Confinement Record indicating that the property has been received.  The signed receipt will be placed into the confinement folder and the prisoner released.  
4) A check will be issued for any funds left in an inmate’s account.
5) Should the inmate refuse to sign the receipt, the Officer will indicate "refuses" and initial the receipt including the officer’s badge number or IMS ID number and request the presence of a command officer prior to property acceptance.    
6) If the property cannot be found or if some of the contents are missing, the Officer will notify the Support Services Sergeant.  The Officer shall complete a Police Report (PJ-83) detailing the discrepancy and the steps taken to locate the property.  A property loss claim report shall also be completed (no copies to be given to the claimant).
7) Upon review of the Police Report, the Support Services Sergeant shall advise the inmate to provide documentation of the value of the missing property which will be submitted to the Facility Administration for appropriate action.
8) Property may be released to a third party after completion of a "Property Release Form".  The computer "personal         property" screen shall be updated with the date and name of the person retrieving the property indicated.  The bin number shall be deleted.  The Form shall be retained in the Inmate Confinement Record.
       9)    Property will only be released Monday through Friday between 7:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m.  No property will be released on weekends or holidays.  
PROCEDURE 3 - Cash Deposits
1) Desk Officers will receive funds for deposit into inmate accounts in cash, money orders, or Cashier's Checks.  Individual deposits shall not exceed $50 unless the inmate involved is being held in lieu of a bond or fine and the deposit is intended to post said bond or fine.  Money orders cannot be used to post a bond or pay a fine. 
2) The Desk Officer will conduct the Inmate Fund Transaction on the computer at the time of deposit and issue the appropriate receipts.  The original receipt is issued to the person making the deposit, and a copy remains with the currency being deposited.
3) The deposit received is then placed in an envelope, with the copy of the bond receipt, and then turned over to the command officer approving the bond.
PROCEDURE 4 - Reception of Bonds and Fines
1) Bonds and fines will be received at the Desk Unit as cash deposits to the inmate account (see Procedure 3).  Bonds and fines will be accepted 24 hours a day.  
2) When an individual making the deposit indicates the same is for the purpose of a bond or fine, the Desk Officer will first verify the charge information in the computer.  Upon verification of the specific bond/fine information, the Desk Officer will then process the inmate fund transaction and receipt the same as other deposit transactions.  
3) The Desk Officer will notify the Support Services Sergeant (or Security Sergeant in the absence of Support Services Command), and turn over the funds to the Command Officer for approval.
The Command Officer, after re-counting the funds, will immediately approve the fund transaction on the appropriate computer
screen, mark the receipt bond/fine, approved, and initial and drop the funds, into the drop box, in a envelope.
4) The officer taking the bond will obtain the custody file, verify the bond information to determine if any special conditions or other hold information is contained in the file, and notify the Housing Unit of the impending release of the inmate.
5) The Officer taking the bond/fine will:
                a) Complete the inmate fund transaction causing a check to be issued to the appropriate Court of Record;
b) Process the release of the inmate.
PROCEDURE 5 - Cash Reconciliation
       1) The Sergeant will run a Cash Drawer Balancing Report and verify that the total cash received, from both locations totals the same as the “Total Credits” line of the Balancing Report.
If a discrepancy is noted, the Sergeant will first establish if a bond/fine is among the funds received and verify that same was approved by another Sergeant at the time of the transaction.  If any funds are missing after the second count, the Officer who received the funds, that cannot be verified, shall be contacted immediately to reconcile the discrepancy.
2) Upon reaching an accurate balance of the cash transactions, all funds accepted for the Shift shall be placed into a property pouch, with the Cash Drawer Balancing Report and the adding machine tape displayed in the window, and placed into the Records Room safe for deposit at the Wayne County Treasurer's Office.