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Wayne County Sheriff Youth and Senior Education Fund (WCSYSEF)

The Wayne County Sheriff Youth and Senior Education Fund (WCSYSEF) was established in 1990 as a 501 (c)(3) organization to benefit the community efforts of The Wayne County Sheriff's Office.  The Fund’s mission is to assist area youth and seniors by providing them with a range of educational and safety tools to enhance their quality of life.  The Fund’s Board of Directors is led by Sheriff Benny N. Napoleon and consists of:

Ahmad Abdallah, Robert Agar, Dennis Archer, Jr., Ed Ashcraft, Marvin Beatty, Fred Berry, Gary Bingaman, Mark Blancke, Larry Brinker, Nathan D. Brown, Anthony Buscemi, Robert Chappell, Robert Chiles, Edward Coffey, Walter Cytacki, Alicia Cytacki-Krall, John Henry Davis, Joseph Davis, Richard Davis, John DeHayes, Patrick Devlin, Daniel Diehl, William Diehl, Joseph Donofrio, Mark Dudek, Burton Farbman, Max Mike Fawaz, Gust C.A. Ghanam, Frederick Giordano, Scott Gregory, Thomas Hardiman, Curtis Hertel, Robert Hindman, Wesam Issa, Christopher Jackson, Louis James, Hussein Jawad, Jawad Jawad, Sherman Larkins, Anthony Lentine, Joseph Lentine, Sam Logan, Victor Martin, Jaime Martinez, Thomas McInnes, Andrew McLemore, Brent Mikulski, Joseph Monahan, Kevin Moore, Jerome Morgan, Brian Mosallam, Mark Mueller, Charles Nolen, Aylwin Owens, Stephen Owens, Thomas Pappas, Cynthia Pasky, James Perna, Byron Pitts, John Rademaker, Henry Riberas, Justin M. Riberas, Norman Roegner, Daryn Rollins, James Saros, Robert Shumake, Norm Simpson, Charles Smith, Mark Snethkamp, Ted Stahl, Donna Stallings, Paul Stanford, N. Jason Strayhorn, Joseph Thomas, James Thrower, Maryann Tomczyk, Dale Wieczorek, Kevin Wieczorek, Avery Williams, Williams Yates.  

Without their dedicated service, thousands of senior citizens and youth would go unserviced. 

To date, the Fund has raised over $700,000 and given over a half million dollars to charitable organizations that assist youth and seniors in our community.  The Fund has donated to the Ronald McDonald House, COTS, Make A Wish Foundation, Making It To The Finish Line and Metro Detroit Youth Day XXIX.  From lunches to summer camps for youth, the Fund also provides:  Drug Awareness Education Presentations, First Aid Kits, File of Life (Medical and Emergency Information for Senior Citizens), Senior Citizen’s Safety Brochures, Handgun Safety (Trigger Lock Program), Senior Emergency Cell Phone Program and Senior Window Locks.