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Children's Visitation | Div. I & II

Inmates are permitted non-contact visits with their minor children once per month under the following conditions:
  1. The child must be the legal son/daughter (by birth or adoption) of the inmate as verified by a Birth Certificate or other legal document.
  2. The inmate has been in the Wayne County Jail for more than thirty consecutive days.
  3. The inmate has not had disciplinary sanctions imposed for thirty or more consecutive days prior to the visit.
  4. The minor child is accompanied and supervised by an eligible adult for the duration of the visit.
  5. Visits will take place by appointment only on Saturday’s during regular visiting hours.
  6. All visits are for a period not to exceed thirty minutes.
  7. No more than two children will be allowed per visit.
  8. All children must be at least one year old.