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Clothing | Division III

General Information - Inmate Clothing
1) Inmates will wear Facility clothing for all outside appearances; except court or other authorized programs, when they may wear civilian clothing.
2) Clothing exchanges must be pre-scheduled through Support Services Command.  Clothing will be exchanged only under the following conditions:
a) A scheduled court appearance; and/or,
b) It is confirmed that no one will meet the inmate upon release, and the clothing is unseasonable or too small to be worn.
Inmates should be advised that, if possible, they should have someone bring appropriate clothing on their day of release.
3) The Facility does not have sufficient storage to accommodate more than one set of inmate personal clothing.  No exchange clothing will be accepted unless the visitor accepts and receives, on a one-for-one basis, clothing on hand, i.e., if visitors deliver pants, shirt and suit coat, they must take an exchange of pants, a shirt and jacket (if any) are in storage.
          The clothing inventory must be updated with the clothing description and date of exchange.  A receipt shall be
          printed and placed into the Confinement Record with a copy placed in the clothing bag window.
4) The following items will not be accepted for exchange:
a) Jewelry;
b) Belts made of metal or metal parts, or with large, heavy, or sharp buckles;
c) Dress-hats;
d) High-top boots;
e) Gym shoes.
5) Property v. Evidence - There are laws and court decisions which permit an arresting agency or investigating Officer to seize an inmate’s personal clothing for evidentiary purposes.  After the inmate has been booked, the law requires the Sheriff to issue a receipt for personal clothing and return the clothing to the inmate upon his release from custody.
Once an inmate has been booked and a clothing receipt issued, an arresting agency/Officer may recover the inmate’s personal clothing, as evidence, with a competent Court Order.  The Officer who takes said clothing, after obtaining approval, becomes the custodian of said clothing. 
A completed clothing receipt indicating the items recovered will be made out by the Support Services Sergeant or his/her Designee, or the Officer in charge of the valuables.  The requesting Officer or Wayne County Sheriff’s Department Officer will sign the form.
Distribution of this form is as follows:
a) One copy to the inmate;
b) One copy in the booking file; and,
c) One copy for clothing (or property room files).
PROCEDURE 1 - Inmate Personal Clothing and Bulk Property Receipt

1) Following the booking procedures, inmates assigned to a Housing Unit will be escorted to the Dressing Room by the Booking Officer.
2) The inmate will strip, shower (if necessary), be searched (see Contraband Policy), and issued Facility clothing.
3) The inmate’s personal clothing will be searched by the escort/Booking Officer.
4) The Officer and inmate will jointly inventory the clothing. Following inventory reconciliation, the Clothing Room Staff will receive and record the clothing and/or bulk property on the computerized “Dress Out” screen.  Three copies of the clothing receipt will be printed out.  The Clothing Officer/Clerk and the inmate will sign the form.  Distribution is as follows:
a) One copy to the inmate;
b) One copy for the booking file;
c) One copy in the clothing bag window.
5) The Officer will then inspect the clothing and place it, as is, in the clothing bag.
6) The Clothing Staff Member will insert the computer-generated receipt in the plastic holder on the bag and hang it on the clothing conveyor on the hanger number assigned by the computer.
7) Large bulk property will be labeled and placed on the shelf in the Clothing Room.  The Officer/Clerk will note the shelf location on the clothing room/booking file receipt.
PROCEDURE 2 - Civilian Clothing for Court Appearances

1) The day of the court appearance, the inmate will be brought to the Dressing room by the escort Officer.
2) The Escort Deputy will give the inmate’s clothing bag to him/her upon verification of receipt.
3) The inmate will change into his/her clothing.
4) The inmate will place his/her Facility clothing into the clothing bag and give it to the Officer.  The Officer will place the clothing bag on the standing rack and escort the inmate to a Holding Cell.
5) Upon returning from court, the inmate will be escorted to the Dressing Room by the escort Officer and receive his/her clothing bag from the standing rack.
6) Following appropriate Search Procedure (See Contraband Policy), the inmate will change out of his/her personal clothing and back into his/her Facility clothing.
7) The inmate will place personal clothing in the clothing bag, and the Officer will return the bag to its appropriate slot on the conveyor, after verifying that the same clothing has been returned.
8) If the clothing was exchanged while at court, the escort Officer will obtain the inmate’s receipt and complete the process for a new receipt for the inmate, booking file and clothing bag.
PROCEDURE 3 - Receiving/Exchanging Inmate Personal Clothing

1) Requests for clothing exchanges must be approved by a Support Services Command Officer and an appointment will be made for the exchange.  Exchanges will be approved for court appearances.  Exchanges will be completed for inmates booked in the Summer and released in the Winter, if they have gained a substantial amount of weight and/or if it is verified that no one is picking them up upon release.
2) A Registry or Support Services Utility Staff Member will be notified when a visitor arrives at the Lobby Area with clothing or clothing exchanges, for an inmate, or if he/she is to pick up clothing the inmate has authorized to be released.
3) The Staff Member will:
a) Proceed to the Lobby with the clothing bag containing the inmate’s personal clothing;
b) Inventory and inspect the incoming clothing for contraband (see Contraband Policy); and,
c) List accepted incoming clothing on the back of the inmate clothing receipt from the clothing bag and have the visitor sign the receipt, for verification, and place the new clothing into the clothing bag.
PROCEDURE 4 - Inmates Released or Transferred to Another Facility
Including Temporary Releases
1) The inmate will be brought to the Dressing Room by the escort Officer.
2) The Registry Staff Member will pull the inmate’s personal clothing bag and bulky articles (if any), from the conveyor.  The inmate will inventory and acknowledge receipt of his/her personal clothing and bulky articles.  If there are no clothes for the inmate, follow “Inmate Release”, procedure one, number five, Permanent Inmate Release.
3) The Clothing Room Staff Members will receive inventory and examine the Facility clothing for malicious damage.  If malicious damage is noted, the Officer will document same on an Incident Report and notify the Support Services Sergeant.  The Support Services Sergeant will, after reading the Incident Report, examine the article(s) in question and make a determination whether or not to charge the cost of the item(s) to the inmate’s account.  Should the charge be initiated, the same must occur prior to the return of any funds to the inmate at time of release.
Note: If, in the opinion of the Support Services Sergeant, the damage is negligible, he/she will so note it on the Incident Report.
4) If there are no shortages or damage, the clothing will be placed in the soiled clothing cart located in the Clothing Room by the escort Officer.