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Jail FAQ

What is the number to the Wayne County Jail Downtown?



What is the number to the Dickerson Jail?



They need information on an inmate?

Inmate Information is 313-224-0796 or 313-224-0797.


What is the Wayne County Jail Lockup number?

(313) 224-2222.


I’m calling to find out if the WCSO has any warrants out on an offender who is currently being held by our Agency?

Contact Classification Department at 313-224-8416 and our Jail Registry, Division I Jail at (313) 224-0789.


I’m calling regarding a family member who is currently incarcerated at the Wayne County Jail and I have a complaint or concern about their special needs such as: physical or mental illness/disability while incarcerated there, who can I speak with to be certain he/she is properly cared for while in your holding facility?

(313) 224-6892.


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