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Friend of the Court FAQ

What is the number to Friend of The Court?

313-224-5610 or 313-224-2364.


Where is the Wayne County Friend of the Court located?

It is located at 645 Griswold, Detroit, MI 48226.


Can I bring my cell phone into the court?

No, it is a prohibited item.


Where and how do I make payments?

The court order will require payments for support to be made through the Michigan State Disbursement Unit (MISDU), P.O. Box 30351, Lansing, MI 48909-7851 so that a permanent record of all payments may be kept.  The MISDU will periodically mail payment coupons to payers for weekly and/or monthly payments to be made.  You should not make court-ordered payments of support directly to the custodian of the children unless the court has so authorized.


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