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Civil Non-Support FAQ

Is there a general information line for the Friend of the Court?



What do I do if the non custodial parent is not paying me the child support as required by the Friend of the Court?

You must file a motion (4030) to show cause the non custodial parent.


Where do I obtain the motion?

The motion can be obtained at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center located at Two Woodward Avenue in the City of Detroit.  The form is on the ninth floor room 928.  The motion form can also be obtained from the Third Circuit Court website at


What do I do after I complete the motion to show cause?

The motion needs to be filed with the Friend of the Court.  It must be turned in on the second floor of the Penobscot Building located at 645 Griswald Detroit. Once it is completed and turned in, you will be given a hearing date and time.  The non custodial parent will also be notified of the date and time of the hearing.


What if the non custodial parent doesn’t show up for the show cause hearing?

The Friend of the Court issues a bench warrant for their arrest.


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