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Tuesday, 03 July 2018 14:36

Marine Rescue, Life jackets save lives!

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It was July 2, 2018 when Patrol Unit 714, including sergeant Wasil and officers Vago and Smith, were providing security patrol for the Lake Erie Metropark fireworks.  While maneuvering through the anchored boats at approximately 10 pm, officers spotted a person in the water near the back of a lighted boat, as officers approached the boat, the people on the boat were pulling a woman out of the water.  The officers then heard a faint call for help and spotted a man in the water in front of their patrol boat.  Not only was the man not wearing a life jacket, there was a strong current with waves at approximately 2 feet in height.  The man was going under water, then coming up for air and struggling to stay afloat.  The officers brought the patrol boat alongside, and officer Smith threw a life ring with a line attached to him and man immediately grabbed on - he was pulled onto the back of the patrol boat by officers Vago and Smith.  The man explained that he jumped in to help a female friend who originally jumped into the lake without a life jacket to retrieve her hat - she struggled getting back into the boat due to the strong current.  Because neither one of victims wearing a life jacket, after he assisted her to a boat that witnessed them in trouble, he said he couldn't swim anymore and was just trying to stay above water while drifting away from the boat with the strong current.  

The man told the officers that he believes he had been in the water for 20 minutes, and was having a difficult time staying on top of the water when officers arrived. The efforts from the officers on Patrol Unit 714 prevented a drowning that night.

The Wayne County Sheriffs Marine Unit wants to remind all boaters that if you go into the water they should be wearing a life jacket. Life jackets save lives!

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