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Thanks to a coordinated effort between the Wayne County Sheriff's Office, Wayne County Chief Executive Office, Wayne County Department of Technology and New World Systems (now Tyler Technologies New World Public Safety), we will soon implement new Jail Management System software.  JMS is designed to help facilitate jail operations and inmate management.  This new system will replace the current inmate management software that has been in place since 1999.  This project is the largest IT implementation in the County since we went live with the current system.  It offers interfaces and integrated technology that are impossible with our current system.  As the Sheriff's personnel becomes accustomed to the new software, this system will increase the efficiency of jail operations, reporting capabilities and reduce liability.  I know what you're thinking, how does this affect me? read more

Tuesday, 22 May 2018 18:06

Wayne County Sheriff Personnel Honored At Westland Police Department Featured

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When a fire broke at Thomas Taylor Towers – Senior Living Center, responding officers from the Westland police and fire departments were  forced to use the stairs to evacuate the tenants on the 9th floor, where the fire began, along with the 10th floor, because the buildings elevators were shut down; but mutual aid was requested - the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and the Garden City Police Department.

With a fast acting plan set in motion, the Westland firefighters evacuated individuals from the smoke filled floors and handed them off to police officers staged at the stairwells.  These officers, in turn, escorted the individuals down to ground level and safety.  This system proved highly effective and within minutes all residents on the 9th and 10th floors were evacuated to the ground level. 

Due to answering a call for help and responding to the Westland Police Department without hesitation, Wayne County Sheriff’s Personnel: Sgt. Brian Glatfelter, Sgt. Lee Smith, Cpl. David Austin, Officer Christopher Mittlestat, and Now-Retired-Corporal David Okoney, were awarded the "Westland Police Department Certificate of Merit."  

See attached pictures of personnel below.

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