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Deputy Chief Mike Jaafar graduates from NYPD Homicide School

Wayne County Sheriff Deputy Chief Mike Jaafar graduated from a two-week course at the NYPD Chief Detective 76th Homicide School conducted at the Chief Medical Examiners Office in Manhattan, New York.  He was required to perform physical evidence case studies, bomb squad blast investigations, forensic art, criminalistics, eyewitness identification and various important courses relating to homicide.  Other agencies in attendance included FBI; Long Beach Police; Yonkers Police Department, NY; Hamilton Police, NJ; Connecticut State Police; and JFK Airport Police.

“I’m called upon often to assist in many cases involving homicides or shootings.  As of result of attending the NYPD Homicide School, I am able better to instruct and analyze the duties of our personnel that investigate these crimes.”

The instruction DC Jaafar received from NYPD Homicide School will assist the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office during investigation of related crimes in the initial assessment of a crime scene, strategies for proceeding with the investigation and the interrogation plan.  DC Jaafar is grateful for the opportunity to attend the training and looks forward to continuing to protect the citizens of Wayne County.