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Welcome to SheriffConnect

Thank you for visiting SheriffConnect, a virtual tour of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office.  SheriffConnect is dedicated to informing you of our agency’s efforts to serve Wayne County’s citizens and stakeholders.  As you may have seen in news reports, I have been extremely busy addressing the jail system’s critical financial needs.  We’re working to correct a severe structural financial deficit that forces the agency to incur overtime expenses as we comply with the order of the Third Judicial Circuit Court.  Let me explain.  Just two months into my appointment as Sheriff in 2009, former Chief Judge Michael F. Sapala ordered the WCSO to deploy a set ratio of jail personnel per inmates for a maximum of 1776 inmates per day.  However, the inmate population at the three jails consistently exceeded 2200 per day, not including roughly 400-500 additional inmates placed on tether! ... Read more...

(August 20, 2014) Detroit –Acting on alerts from an electronic monitoring device, Wayne County Sheriff’s officers assisted Detroit Police in tracking down a 20-year-old man suspected of shooting and killing a man near Outer Drive and Westbrook on Tuesday afternoon.

Despite having been released from tether monitoring and placed on probation by Wayne County Circuit Court Judge David Groner last Friday, the suspect continued to wear the tether. Wayne County Sheriff’s officers contacted the man to come in and have the device removed, but he never showed up.

After the shooting, Sheriff’s officers used tether signals to track the man to a house in the 14000 block of Rutherford Street where he was arrested late Tuesday afternoon. Data from the tether also placed him in the area of the shooting when it occurred, police said.

The man’s name is not being released pending criminal charges. He was previously placed on tether by a judge for a felony conviction, but cut the tether and escaped. He was subsequently caught and charged with damage to police property and escape. Officers with the Sheriff’s Community Organized Urban Team (SCOUT) assisted Detroit Police and the sheriff’s Electronic Monitoring unit in the apprehension. The officers had been patrolling the Brightmoor neighborhood as part of the Sheriff’s community policing initiative.

Panel supports Sheriff Napoleon’s decision to fire employee who violated policies.

(August 14, 2014) Detroit— After two weeks of testimony from nearly two dozen witnesses, it only took jurors a few hours to uphold Sheriff Benny N. Napoleon’s firing of a former employee who sued Wayne County and the Sheriff’s Office under the Whistleblower Protection Act.

The disgruntled employee alleged in a civil complaint she was fired in May 2012 in retaliation for informing the Sheriff and other command executives that Director of Jails Jeriel Heard had improperly hired a woman she alleged was related to Heard.

The Wayne County Sheriffs Office will offer a pre-hire Physical Abilities test from 9a.m. to noon, Saturday Aug 16, 2014 for men and women interested in working as officers in the county jails. the test, which is normally $50, will be free that day and takes place at Cass Tech High School, 2501 Second Ave in Detroit





Shakitta Calloway of Detroit didn’t really know what to expect when she signed up for a student internship program offered by the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and Wayne County Community College District. The internship “taught me about a lot of jobs that I didn’t know existed like the tether unit,” said Calloway. “It opened my eyes to the possibilities.”

Calloway is among more than 15 students who spent June and July getting a first-hand experience in the criminal justice system while working with officers from various Sheriff’s Office assignments. Officers provided training and supervision as students experienced the realities of the three county jails, road patrol, Marine Division, court services, dispatch, tether and the Warrant Enforcement Bureau. “The officers were real people, they went above and beyond,” said Calloway, 35, who is two classes away from an associate’s degree. The mother of two daughters –Anijah, 13, and Aiyhona, 8 – plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree from Madonna University with an emphasis on probation/parole work.

(July 1, 2014) Detroit – A 20-year-old Wayne County Community College District student remains in custody in the Wayne County Jail after she allegedly stabbed another student in an altercation involving a class project.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is seeking criminal charges against the student for stabbing a 54- year-old student shortly before 6 p.m. Monday (June 30) at the WCCCD northwest campus in Detroit. The man suffered minor injuries to the top of his head and was not hospitalized, police said. Both students are residents of Detroit.

Following an argument about a group assignment, the woman ran towards her classmate as he attempted to leave the classroom. She punched him in the head and back and stabbed him in the head with a knife that had an approximately eight-inch blade, according to police. Police later found a bag of marijuana in the woman’s purse.

In addition to the Sheriff’s Office, Detroit Police and officers from the community college’s Police Authority also responded to the scene. Police said violence on campus is rare. “This is a very peaceful campus,” said Wayne County Sheriff Benny N. Napoleon, who responded to the scene.”This is an isolated incident. It certainly is not indicative of what we see on this campus.”

(June 13, 2014) -- Wayne County is seeking to hire up to 60 new officers to work for the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office in one of the three County jails. Candidates will be assigned to complete a 160-hour Jailer Training Academy. Upon graduation, new hires will be assigned to work in one of the jails on any available shift. New hires are paid a salary of $28,284 per year based on a 40-hour work week, a retention bonus of $1,200 per year, plus health care and other benefits.

(June 4, 2014) Detroit—Drag racing used to be a summer tradition in Detroit. But a concerted effort by the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office reclaimed the streets for the community last year.

On Wednesday, more than 100 bidders and spectators from metro Detroit checked out vehicles that were forfeited in an enforcement effort that began in 2011 and intensified in 2012 before the illegal racing virtually stopped by late summer 2013.

Sheriff’s deputies issued numerous tickets and more than 30 vehicles were forfeited during the crackdown in Detroit. In March, the Michigan Court of Appeals upheld the right of police to confiscate vehicles used for drag racing. To date, about 25 of the forfeited vehicles have been sold at various auctions, including several cars sold today at an auction held at a Detroit storage yard. A 2008 Corvette brought the highest bid today: $21,000. Seizing vehicles from racers and unruly spectators proved to be an effective and legal deterrent, said Wayne County Sheriff Benny N. Napoleon.

(May 15, 2014) Detroit— A 52-year-old Detroit man was detained by Wayne County Sheriff’s officers Thursday afternoon after a large knife was discovered inside the man’s walking cane at the Coleman Young Municipal Centre.

Officers were alerted when an x-ray machine detected a knife with a 15-inch blade in the cane. The handle of the cane also served as the knife’s handle. The man told police he received the cane from a friend and did not know it had a knife in it, said Sheriff’s Lt. Tim Harris.

The man said he was headed to the Detroit Retirement Board to conduct business. He was searched and later turned over to Detroit police for investigation of a possible concealed weapons violation.

There are no outstanding warrants for the man, who is licensed to carry a concealed weapon, Harris said.

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